Parent Handbook

Get ready fpr summer of a lifetime

Dear Parents, Camp is quickly approaching, and at Camp Gan Izzy we’ve been busy planning your child’s best summer ever!

Please make sure to complete the registration form here. Please remember to also complete the health form. There is a link to the health form towards the bottom of the above registration form. Please print the health form and submit it via mail or email it to before camp begins.

Please note: All tuition fee must be paid in full prior to August 1st. If you are in need of a special payment schedule, kindly call Rabbi Motti at (302) 529-9900 ext. 2 as soon as possible.

Rabbi Motti Flikshtein


All tuition fees must be paid in full before June 15.

Summer Safety

Camp Gan Izzy strives to ensure the absolute highest measure of safety for our campers.

  • Counselors wear a necklace at all times with camper’s name, contacts phone numbers, and known allergies.
  • Health records and first aid kits are with every group leader at all times, and are taken on every field trip.
  • Our child/ staff ratio is low, most notably on field trips.
  • Unscheduled pickup of children by parents or authorized representative must be prearranged with camp director.


Camp Gan Izzy is renowned for its caring, and friendly counselors. Your child’s well being is our primary concern. If you ever have a concern about your child’s stay in camp – please call our camp office immediately. We will let you know how to reach your child’s counselor, and will work with you to resolve the issue promptly. All staff will call their campers prior to the child’s first day in camp. Every staff member has read their campers health form, and is familiar with the information. Feel free to contact the camp director – Motti Flikshtein with any issue, at or (302) 529-9900 ext. 2. In the case of an emergency you can reach Motti Flikshtein on his cell phone (215) 834-1178. We will also use email correspondence to remind you of extra important details needed for the following day.


Campers at Gan Izzy swim on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Please send the following items for swimming and water play, in a marked bag with your child’s name. A bathing suit, water shoes/ crocs/ flip flops, towel, plastic bag for wet items, sunscreen.


Trip days will be on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

  • For safety, children MUST WEAR THEIR GAN IZZY TEE SHIRTS on all trip days. No cutting of Tee shirts is allowed.
  • The camp phone number appears on their tee shirts as an extra safety measure so that they have the camp contact information available on trips at all times.
  • Gan Izzy uses yellow school buses for all field trips.
  • Further details of trips is posted on our website
  • Trip days are subject to change due to weather conditions.


Our day is full of innovative and exciting activities. Camp Gan Izzy brings in a multitude of talented guest instructors each week to ensure your child has the most fun possible! Each week includes a detailed schedule about the fun activities that are planned! One or two days of every session is a dress up day. Please dress your child accordingly if he or she wants to participate. We encourage all campers to show their Gan Izzy spirit!

Jewish Themes

Each day of camp will have a unique Jewish theme that the whole camp will learn about. The activities that the kids do will reflect the themes that they are learning. Examples of themes are loving your fellow as you love yourself, honoring your mother and father, the Jewish holidays, Shabbat and more! So not only will the kids have a great time in camp, but they will learn a tremendous amount about their heritage as well!


Delicious Kosher lunches are provided daily. The lunch schedule is sent home on the weekly camp schedule. In addition to our daily lunch menu, we will also have sandwiches available. PLEASE DO NOT BRING FOOD FROM HOME.


We will provide the campers with snack on camp grounds, and on trips.

Daily Sunscreen

As a safety precaution, sunscreen should be applied before coming to camp. Camper are encouraged to wear caps outdoor.

Personal Belongings

Clearly label all of your child’s belongings. Gan Izzy will not be held responsible for missing items. Our lost & found will return all marked items on a daily basis.

Do NOT send expensive toys to camp. Cell phones, iPods & electronic games MAY NOT be brought to camp. They are easily lost or damaged and they distract the kids from participating in camp activities.


Charity is collected every day. Please encourage your child to bring a penny a day.

Camp Forms

Please scan and email all forms to, or mail to:

Camp Gan Izzy Delaware
1811 Silverside Road
Wilmington, DE 19810